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7 Best Offline Music Applications for Android

Music is a faithful companion when you are resting, working, happy or upset. Whatever you feel, there's a lot of music that can accompany it, so it's no wonder that there are many music applications, because it's clear that many people need it. Earlier, of all the many applications, what is the best offline music application for Android?

7 Best Offline Music Applications for Android

The Best Offline Music Application For Android

Offline music applications remain a favorite for most people. Because they can listen to a variety of favorite music without having to use an internet connection. With this, of course, it will not waste internet quota. What are the best applications? Here is the information for you:

1. Poweramp

This one application is an offline music player application with lots of features that can be used. Having HD audio quality makes this application very pleasing to the listener's ears.

In addition there are additional features that are very interesting, such as an audio engine, an intuitive interface and more. All of these features will allow users to feel the sensation of listening to music more exciting and fun. You must first subscribe to the application before using it.

2. Stellio

The next best offline music application for Android is called Stellio and is one of the applications that you should have. It has many basic features like creating and editing playlists as well as advanced features like displaying lyrics in each song. Making this application can be used to sing even though you don't know the lyrics of the song.

There is also a tad editor and widgets like any similar application in general. But to use the free application, you have to watch some ads first.

3. Jet Audio

This next application has high quality audio. Users can also add some effects when listening to songs. So the song can be adjusted to the user's favorite genre.

Equipped with AGC so as to reduce the instability of the sound when listening to music. The result? The song will be cooler and more pleasant to listen to.

4. Phonograph

With a material design-style UI design, users feel that the design is simple but can be adjusted to the user's wishes. Features in it are not comparable to other applications, such as integration with last.fm, tag editor and playlist creation.

Users can also add widgets to the home screen, as well as other cool and interesting features that you should try. If you want to listen to songs offline with maximum sound but don't want a lot of feature settings. Just try using this app.

5. Musicolet

The small file size is a plus for this application, because it can be installed on any smartphone. The features in it are the same as other features, but this application has advertisements in it, which of course can be annoying when listening to music.

If you don't want to be disturbed by advertisements, try to download music first and then listen to it while turning off the smartphone data, the ad will not appear.

6. Pulsar Music

This application with a simple but elegant material design style UI is worth using for music lovers everywhere. There are other cool and interesting features such as setting a sleep timer so that the music will turn itself off within a few hours of use.

It doesn't stop there, this application supports Chromecast and Android Auto. How cool isn't it?

There are two versions of this application. The better the version you choose, the more features it will have and can help you listen to music offline.

7. BlackPlayer Free Music Player

Finally, there is an offline music application that is cool and worth a try. The simple but modern design makes anyone who uses it feel easy and not confused. This application can support a variety of music file formats to play.

The interesting thing about this application is that it provides equalizer settings, widgets and themes that can be chosen by the user. You don't need to spend money because this application can be used freely and for free.

Those are some of the best offline music apps for Android. Now you can freely listen to your favorite music anywhere without fear of extravagant and bloated quotas. Interested in installing which application?